Jazz Insight and The Five Top Reasons I Love Jazz Music

Jazz music became popular in 1919 when Congress passed the Volstead Act, which banned the manufacture, sale, and consumption of alcohol.  Night club and entertainment venues provided an escape from Prohibition and were common locations for jazz performances.  The audience for jazz grew and flourished because people wanted to hear good music, dance, and have freedom from restrictions that had been set by law.

Jazz became the symbol of rebellion and youth embraced the exciting sounds.  It was a powerful new music characterized by syncopation, polyrhythms, improvisation, blue notes, and a strong beat.  It was not only the most popular music with youth, but people of all ages.   Where has the love and joy for this music gone?  Although I know there are many supporters, musicians, and true lovers for the art, it has vanished to a select group of individuals.  Young people my age often look at me like I am from Mars, when I tell them I am most passionate about jazz music.  I am often referred to as an “old lady or an old soul.”

Here are my five top reasons I am so passionate about jazz music:

  1. Jazz is a music with raw emotion, it makes me feel and speaks to my soul.
  2. The lyrics are real and have deep meaning.
  3. It’s timeless, people still love to hear songs originally sung by brilliant artists such as; Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, and Louis Armstrong.
  4. Improvisation, it is never boring singing a jazz song, because you never sing it the same way twice.
  5. Jazz can make me cry, smile, and happy all at the same time.

I would love to see our younger generation appreciate, support, and bring jazz back to the forefront of our music world!